Mallorca Airport to Palma Transfer

Some people like it big when it comes to the cities. While they are travelling, they are looking up for the biggest cities in the area and they want to stay in them during their holiday. It is a good thing if you like that kind of attractions. Staying in a big city does not mean that you are not able to find a peaceful place or an area where you can be alone for the moment. It also does not mean that you will not be able to find some natural beauty and beautiful landscapes inside the city, becase some of them have it all. The capitol city of Mallorca which is called Palma de Mallorca seems to have it all. There is a wide and long beach where you can have a sunbath or go for a swim. There are clubs with different types of music which you can visit and in which you can have a night of a lifetime, because they make really good parties. What is more, Palma de Mallorca has plenty of museums, theatres or cinemas where you can meet with the local culture. If you are into shopping there are also big shopping center where sometimes you can get brand new clothes cheaper than in your country if you look well for the bargains. Also, Palma de Mallorca is a tourist attraction itself, because it has plenty of architectural and historical sights which are still here in great shape since many many years. One of the most popular attractions of Palma de Mallorca is Cathedra La Seu, where you can see some pieces made by Gaudi. That is a real treat for his fans and for all the art lovers. Palma de Mallorca is also a good place to practise sports, because there is plenty of bicycle lanes up here and there is also a nice route along the coastline, right next to the beach and sea.

Mallorca Airport To Palma De Mallorca Transfer

Even though the Son Sant Joan International Airport is located almost in Palma de Mallorca, you still have to get from the airport to your hotel. No matter in which hotel do you stay it is probably not within a walking distance you are willing to go with your luggage after the flight. That is why, you need to find a way for yourself to get to the hotel. Our suggestion is obviously a private airport transfer with our company, because we think it is a great solution and definitely the most efficient one.

Mallorca Airport Bus vs. Shuttle Service

Obviously, the bus is the cheapest option to travel from one place to another. However, it is definitely not the most convenient one. First of all, bus has many stops on its way, which means that the journey will take much longer than a private airport transfer. What is more, the bus will stop in a certain place, which means that it might not be at the door of your hotel, so you will still have to walk or sometimes climb up the hill with your luggage in your hand.

Mallorca Airport Departures

If you are leaving Mallorca island with a plane, there is only one airport from which you might fly back home. It is Palma de Mallorca Airport. If you would like to order a private airport transfer from your hotel to the airport on the last day of your journey, you are more than welcome to do that. This way, you will save time and it will be much more comfortable for you if you will not have to walk to a bus stop carrying your heavy luggage full of souvenirs.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.