Mallorca Airport to Formentor Transfer

Formentor is one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Mallorca island. It is thanks to the fact, that it has an amazing location, because it is one of the most northern point of the island with the nicest beaches and cleanest waters. What is more, it is located right next to the mountains which gives it a special surroundings. It makes it even more attractive. People are comming here to look for relax, but also to see the astonishing beauty of nature, because it is one of the most beautiful parts of the island. A lot of people says that. Even though, it is mostly only a beach, there are still people who are comming here to sunbath from other parts of the island, because they simply like it better here. Staying in the Formentor area is good, because there are bigger cities in the area like Port de Pollensa or Alcudia. They have to offer, everything what a big city has to offer. You can party there in one of the disco clubs or also get some insight into the culture of Mallorca citizens or simply buy some great souvenirs. The only disadvantage of Formentor is that it is hard to access. Well, on the other hand it is an advantage, because it is harder to get it really crowded in here. However, the tourists are not going to be stopped by some silly problems like limited roads. There are some who are doing a cruise or renting a motorboats to get to one of those finest beaches on the island. Cruises are very popular, because they allow you to look at the island from a totally different side and believe us it looks different and it is a great experience to sale away for a moment. It also helps you to relax and calm down.

Transfer From Mallorca Airport to Formentor

As mentioned above, Cap de Formentor is located on one of the most northern parts of the island. It is placed about 70 kilometers from the Son Sant Joan International Airport. Thanks to the good quality of roads and highways you are able to get there from Palma de Mallorca Airport in about 50 minutes. However, to achieve that, you have to have a good driver who will take you directly to your hotel, because he knows the topography of the island very well. We have drivers like this, so do not worry.

Mallorca Airport Bus vs. Shuttle Service

Some people think that they are well organized and smarter than the others, so they are planning to go to the Formentor by bus. Well, it is an option, but bus stops in a certain place which means that you may have to walk when you arrive to your exact destination. What is more, buses are not going very often which means that you will have to wait which might not be a nice experience on a hot day with a huge piece of luggage from the plane. What is more, there are sometimes overcrowded, so it might be problematic to get on the bus.

Formentor Reviews

Formentor is a very popular place in Mallorca, that is why people are visiting very often which results in plenty of opinions about it on the Internet. There are people who are checking that kind of informations to decide about the destination for their holiday. If you will read some reviews of Formentor you will definitely want to go there, because there is a great amount of positive ones, which are confirming that this place is really amazing and worth a visit.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.