Mallorca Airport to Arenal Transfer

Arenal is quite a big town when compared to other cities in the Mallorca Island. The area of Arenal is especially beloved by Germans. It is hard to say why this one in particular, but they are definitely the nation which arrives here the most. Local businesses are aware of this fact, so they are creating a lot of facilities to please the customers from Germany. You will see that by observing a lot of billboards and posters which are written in German language. Also when you will go to a club or a discotheque you may hear a lot of German hits. What is more, Arenal is a considered to be a great party place which attracts a lot of tourists because of their need to party and relax this way, because there are different kinds of relaxing. However, it also has a lot of different advantages. First of all, it has an amazing and very long beach with plenty of place for everybody, so you will not regret of staying here even if you are not a fan of German pop hits. Another great advantage of Arenal is the localization of this place, because it is located only about 8 kilometers from the Palma de Mallorca Airport. Obviously, it all depends in which hotel you are staying, because the area of Arenal is quite long which means that getting from one point to another may take few more minutes or less. It all depends on the localization of the hotel. If you have a driver who is familiar with all of the tight roads in Arenal, because it is kind of complicated to drive between all of them which are located between hotels he will be able to drive you to your hotel in less than 10 minutes, which is really a small amount of time for an airport transfer.

Mallorca Private Airport Transfer

If you are wondering how our service looks like, here is a short description. First of all, you have to book it and to do that you just have to go to our website It is a very easy process. There is a guide which will guide you step by step through the whole process. After that you will be issued a voucher to confirm your reservation. That way you will be sure that we will pick you up. When you arrive to the Son Sant Joan International Airport you will meet your driver in the arrivals hall with a welcome board with your name written on it.

Mallorca Airport Arrivals

Son Sant Joan International Airport has a very big size which may make some tourists, especially those who are not experienced in travelling, a little bit lost amongst those crowded areas. It is also very crowded due to the fact that it serves extreme amounts of tourists annually and that number is still increasing year by year. Our driver will meet you in the arrival hall with your name on a welcome board which will make you feel less lost and more welcomed in a foreign place.

Mallorca Taxi Airport vs. Shuttle Service

Some people think that if Arenal is so close, they might get there by a taxi, so they should not bother with making any prearrangements before travelling. Well, you can get there by a taxi, but it does not always mean that this is going to the same amount of time as the private airport transfer. Price should be very similar, but in case of a taxi you have to find it and catch it. During the rush hours it may take a while of waiting in a queue which would not happen with a private airport transfer.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.