Mallorca Airport to Andratx Transfer

Andratx is a very popular holiday resort in Mallorca island. It is especially popular amongst the rich ones, because there is plenty of luxury hotels, restaurants and nightclubs in this area. However, it is not only for them. People who are not rich and famous can also find here a place which is affordable and still in a very good shape and standard. Some people even say that this is only a stereotype which says that Andratx is a fancy town for the high class of the society. In Andratx you can find everything what you can find in every other holiday resort in Mallorca. There is a proper infrastructure for sport and relax. There are hotels, restaurants and clubs with discotheques where people can party at night. Nightlife of Andratx attracts also people from the other cities who are travelling here only by night to enjoy what the city has to offer. Another interesting thing in the city of Andratx is the port which is still in use. Mostly, it is for yachts and motorboats, but sometimes you can see here something bigger. They mostly belong to tourists who are travelling this way or renting something to enjoy the sea. There are also cruises organized which are allowing you to see the coast of the island from the other side. There are also party boats with dinners on the board, music and drinks. What is more, from Port de Andratx, you can easily get to the Dragonera Island which is very close from here and it is famous for little lizards which are the symbol of Mallorca. They can be spotted all over the island, but it is believed that they all come from the Dragonera Island and that is the place where you can see the highest amount of those little creatures.

Mallorca Airport to Andratx Transfer

Andratx is located about 40 kilometers from the Son Sant Joan International Airport. To cover this distance should take about 30 minutes thanks to the good condition of Mallorcan roads and highways. However, if you are not experienced and if you are not familiar with the topography of this place you might get lost on the way and your journey may last a little bit longer. To avoid that kind of problems we suggest you to book yourself a private airport transportation with our company called AirportTransfers24.

Mallorca Private Airport Transfer

If you are wondering how our private airport transfer looks like, it is very simple. First of all, you will meet out driver in the arrival hall and he will be holding a welcome board with your name written on it, so you can recognize him. It will be very easy thanks to the welcome board with your name written on it. He will assist you to the car and after that he will drive you safely to the address you have given during the booking process, because all of our services are door to door transportation.

Mallorca Airport Departures

If you will also need a private airport transportation on your way back from Andratx to the Son Sant Joan International Airport we are also able to help you, because all of our services work both ways. That is a very convenient solution, because it will save you time and stress. The last day of holiday is usually the most stressfull one, because you have to pack your things and get to the airport on time. We are reducing this stress to a minimum thanks to our great standard and quality of services.

*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.